Sorry...another kitchen build. 99% finished.

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31 Dec 2011
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Another kitchen build folks. F&B Pigeon colour matched in Morrells WB lacquer sprayed with one hand coat brushed after laid down. On spraying... I was getting a lot of over spray in the shop even with the spray booth because I was having to crank the gun right up! So all the fresh sprayed stuff felt dusty and not good to the touch. I got some acetone from Morrells and gave the gun a deep clean and wow, what a difference in everything. Hardly have the gun open, very little over spray as way more controlled, even fan pattern, hardly using any lacquer (not even 5l yet and I've finished spraying) lovely feel to the pieces. Enjoying spraying again now.

Here are the plans of the proposed kitchen. Few things have changed, no bookcase on BB run. Free standing DW & WM as customer wasn't happy of energy output of integrated ones.

Inset doors on Blum, maple dovetail drawer boxes, Birchply carcasses already lacquered and all pieces cut via Avonplywood £1400 including. 18mm backs as all my kitchens are. Poplar doors and FF 9mm panel. Worktops are going to be Iroko from worktop express. Magic style shelving in the blind corners.

Normally screw through FF, but had a few on show on the ends etc and didn't want to fill or pocket hole. Saw various threads on here where guys use dominoes so what with new Bessey clamps I gave that ago :) I very much liked it. Knocked up a quick jig just to position domino.

Before I knew it, had all the face frames knocked up.

Left in clamps for an hour or so, titebond 2 as it was offer at axi a while ago. I like it.

Oven housing

From trawling through here I thought I would do this kitchen differently. FF and doors made first along with panels and everything else that had to be sprayed. Left the ply stacked up. Much better this way as the workshop doesn't have carcasses hanging about. Drawer boxes also done before assembly.

Just starting the assembling now in my third week, LOTs of distractions the first two weeks.

Sink cab went together lovely. Phew!!! Rear panel in two bits held on with 15mm dia magnets 6kg pull. Shelf holes with Festools LR32.

Ledgers are pocket holed from top so I can see where screws are if I have to cut out for sink.

Face frame pocket holed on.

Should get more done tomorrow and I'll do my best to update.

Fitting 6th June.
Here we go Mike....

Magic corner type scenario made up. Peka fluid 2 from ldlonline, and it's awesome! £160, really strong, easy to install, great adjustment, lovely colour and anti slip shelves that are adjustable. Going into a blind corner so installed panel via pocket hole to prevent stuff falling out.

Both shelves come fully out and are independent of the door. Stuck an adjustable leg under post just to help weight transfer, although I like there is no need. Pack of four £1.60...

Wrapped up ready for transport.

Started fitting doors up with hinges etc. Little masking tape in the hole works a treat to protect writing of which door it is.

Random picture...of one of my favourite tools. Kreg foreman! So quick, zero dust doesn't get much better for small workshop.


Doors fit :)


Maple drawer box ready to be installed tomorrow.



Those peka fluids look exactly the same as the le mans ones all the kitchen shops do.

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chippy1970":3ozopwku said:

Those peka fluids look exactly the same as the le mans ones all the kitchen shops do.

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Kidney pull-outs :D

Not like a Bulgarian strip club either.
Yes they must be. Le Mans on instructions... Never took any notice, haven't been in a kitchen shops for years. I do like them nonetheless and they're chosen by customer. Are they bad?
mahomo59":1sk8r68e said:
Yes they must be. Le Mans on instructions... Never took any notice, haven't been in a kitchen shops for years. I do like them nonetheless and they're chosen by customer. Are they bad?
They're good value compared to real magic corners

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Thanks for posting your kitchen builds, I find them very informative and give me confidence to attempt my own kitchen build.

Could I put in a request for a future post/pics to show how you deal with the gap at the rear of the face frame at floor level and the kick board. I hope that makes sense.


Must remember to use camera more... Any way did take a few shots as I went. :)

Yes you can make your own, you can measure. But for a tenner.

Workshop filling up.

Grooves done in the sides and notched back panel ready for the wall cabinets.

Screwed into the top and base with a void left for cable runs for the under cabinet lighting. All wall cabinets have an 'under cloak' of 4mm mdf lacquered pinned underneath.


Face frame on, deeper at the base to act as light pelmet

LR 32 action!

Getting down to the wire now! Fitting tomorrow...or at least dropping furniture off and setting out. Pushed for time for various reasons, main one is me and my family on holiday to Portugal Saturday.

Sunday morning shenanigans...

Drawer box cabinets and larder.

Have another joiner with me from tomorrow so will assemble taller cabs in the morning and then get them in the van. 1.5 miles from the workshop.
Jon aka chunky monkey - asked how I do the plinth detail/end post/panel.

Face frames are 36mm wide.
Carcass 18mm birch.
Face frame flush with inside of cabinet, dislike over hang in the inside. This leaves 18mm over hand on outside, so all end panels are 18mm be it shaker or slab. Only use slab panel where not seen DW WM gaps etc.

Rear of face frame.

Panel on first, so it's flush with the outer face frame and leaves an 18mm return on plinth side.

Then I cut 45mm of plinth and glue to rear of face frame and panel, creating a flush inside face frame, ready to except plinth as normal. Ignore breakout at rear it gets covered, like wise gap to flood of leg.

18mm shaker panel on in same detail. This is rear and side of breakfast bar.

Sorry forgot to get picture of plinth going into it. But it clips on same way and butts up.
Some 'L' brackets securing cabinets to the wall, Cornice will cover this. Birch on the left gets clad in sprayed 4mm mdf, that will be flush with FF.

Not loads of scribing on this install.

Double stacked pull out is customers idea she found on Pinterest, I like it.

Securing cooker hood, screwed to its neighbours and plugged to wall

4mm of sprayed mdf as under cloak to colour match cabs and hide service void at the back. Put a drawer wire in for sparks to get under cab lighting in

Be almost finished today which would make it a three day install less delivery...which was pretty much most of Tuesday to. Monday was in the shop finishing bits and bobs.

Pretty much finished, up stands to fix on and a little touching up here and there. Happy with the execution, found it a lot easier having planed it out using sketch up rather than in my head!

Worktops are Iroko and extended out via domino and using Iroko plinth from worktop express, staves are the same size

Wish I'd built maple box to hang bin

Customers design.

Sat in Bristol airport right now...delayed waiting to go on holiday with my family to Portugal. Well earned holiday. Another kitchen build starting July.

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