Storage wall (set of shelves and drawers)

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4 Dec 2008
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Watford, Non S-At, Udon Thailand
I really have to improve the storage in my computer room so am doing a 2 metre high 3 metre long storage unit. So far the carcass has taken virtually 4 sheets of 20mm.

I haven’t yet started on drawers.

The base has been finished and I’m waiting on the Chanderite (similar to Cuprinol) to finish flashing off it’s solvent, it’s probably paraffin.

The first of the 3 sections of the carcass is finished and waiting for the base to complete off gassing, it’s on its side as 2 of the doors are not 2.2 metres so that’s the only way it will fit. It’s also less deep than the next unit as there is a sliding door that goes behind it.

I decided to pre-finish the parts for the next carcass as it’s going to just too heavy to manage once it’s built, even using the workshop crane and SWMBO.

I have the shelves masked for finishing, this will be a shellac layer, as a sealer, as it’s really cheap here at around £1 per litre possibly even less, followed by a water based lacquer. All of that will be sprayed.

I have 4 faces of the sides masked both for finish, keeping glue surfaces clear, and to locate the shelf positions. It has the added benefit that I am less likely to put holes in the wrong places. DAMWTII. ;)


construction is domino’s for location with glue and pocket screws to hold it together.

My next step is to mask the next 2 faces that will get shelves,
put in domino mortises (2 per side),
drill the pocket holes (remembering that the top and base shelves have different depths.
then after checking for fit put everything into the spray room for finish.

Questions and constructive comments are welcome.
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Each set of 3/2 drawers has a different colour.

Each set of drawers has its own colour


FWIW the coating scheme is
1) coat of 1lb ~ ½lb shellac.
2) enough coats of coloured shellac to finish the front faces.
3) coats of enough 4lb cut of shellac to protect the face colour and prime all other faces.
4) Several coats of Water based polyurethane.
5) paste wax for the runners

Nice drawers, they're gonna give you loads of storage capacity! (y)
Thanks I will have that.
Here are the drawers in place, though not yet loaded.

The section with the drawers is shallower than the open section, this allows the on-suite shower toilet door to slide behind.

Door closed.

To finish up

gratuitous pictures of where you could be, this is the view at 9:00 it is 29 degrees and 65%


there are bananas in the foreground, in the background are several different types of mango, linchee (not lichee), bamboo, tamarind, dragon fruit and travelers palms and those are the ones visible. We also have coconut, jackfruit, star fruit, lemon, lime and various other fruiting plants that SWMBO only knows the Thai names of, along with a good selection of flowering trees and shrubs.

The nicest of these is probably the ghost tree aka frangipani tree, it’s known as the ghost tree for a couple of reasons, it’s very very common in temples and during the dry season will drop all its leaves becoming a skeleton like this.

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Great storage boxes and even better outdoor pics!
I can recommend getting those twin monitors off the desktop onto a wall or lift them up on a shelf which is much easier.
Allows you to park the keyboard underneath then and gives you a desk back to work on.
Great storage boxes and even better outdoor pics!
I can recommend getting those twin monitors off the desktop onto a wall or lift them up on a shelf which is much easier.
Allows you to park the keyboard underneath then and gives you a desk back to work on.
Thanks for the compliment I’ll pass it on to SWMBO.

with the iMac and monitor for my 2 Mac Minis, along with ancillary hard disks, Ethernet switches, and a UPS are on a crappy chipboard sideboard that while certainly not ideal is on my list to be replaced at some point in the future. It isn’t urgent as I seldom do much on the computers that needs a keyboard, they generally run background tasks with the majority of my computing needs being taken care of by my iPad.
Brings back memories of my start up kitting out my workshop, empty walls soon filled up, and rearranged when you get new toys.