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3 Oct 2022
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I've been looking at the web site for a while; particularly at some tools that don't seem to be available from UK sellers. I'd been put off buying from the site as I wasn't sure how the import would work out since we left the EU. Well a couple of weeks ago I thought sod it and put in an order. It took a little over a week and the process wasn't too painful. Fine tools refunded the VAT soon after I put the order in. A week after I got notification from Parcel Force, that I needed to pay VAT on entry into the country, and there was a handling fee (about £15). I paid the VAT and fee and the tools arrived the next day.

The two main tools were a Frame Saw and a Scrub plane. There were also a couple of small bits and pieces.

Today I got a chance to use the new tools. I needed to rip an oak board (1.8 metres x 2in thick) to remove the live edges and get it near to size. The board is heavy and I didn't fancy trying to get it through my bandsaw on my own. So I put the board on a couple of stools and used my new frame saw to rip off the sides.


The saw cut through the board really easily. I wasn't sure of the best way to hold the saw with it canted off to one side, but it cut so easily that most of the ways I held the saw seemed to work. I took about ten minutes to rip each side and I didn't find it as hard as I think I would have with a normal panel saw. I think the thin blade makes things easier. The blade could wander but it was very easy to correct. The main issue was that saw dust from each cut would cover the line I was following. So I had to keep stopping to remove the dust with each few strokes.

I bought the version with the general purpose Japanese saw blade and I am very pleased with it. But I think in the future I would like to get a pair of the dedicated rip and cross saw blades to give them a try.

Once the sides were cut off I need to start working on the board thickness. To do this I used the new scrub saw


I've fancied getting a dedicated scrub plane for a while, but they don't come up second hand too often and are quite expensive new. This one is only 76.63 euro and I am very pleased with it. It's wooden, but that didn't bother me as I have a few second hand traditional wooden planes and find them a joy to use. To be honest, I quite liked the idea of trying a new wooden plane and particularly one in the European style with the front horn grip.

The plane is easy to use. The blade is 33 mm wide and highly curved so cuts deep narrow cuts easily. The main issue is that it generates a lot of chippings and it can clog up the mouth fairly quickly. So I had to make sure I cleared it out regularly. Done often, that's just a case of turning upside down and giving it a quick shake.

I'm really pleased with my purchases. Both tools work well and are a pleasure to use.
That's good to know or maybe dangerous in my case!!!! I've looked at their site a few times but always wondered if there would be shipping problems. I can feel a hole coming in my wallet :)

I don't need anything, I don't need anything.............:cool:
I've had the chance to try a scrub plane a couple of times. Loved it. Man does it take off wood quickly :)

Back in the day, I seem to recall a gent called Tage Frid (?) writing about frame saws, probably in Fine Woodworking magazine.
That's good to know or maybe dangerous in my case!!!! I've looked at their site a few times but always wondered if there would be shipping problems. I can feel a hole coming in my wallet :)

I don't need anything, I don't need anything.............:cool:
Absolutely empathise with this. There are so many interesting tools and accessories on the site.
I've always found them super efficient and reasonable. No duties to Ireland of course. They are the only source for Hatagane Japanese clamps which are ideal for the boxmaker.Buy once, cry once. :rolleyes:
Love my wooden scrub planes. Wife picks them up now and again at village fairs, they are usually in need of a bit of TLC, but such a joy to use. (I have one from pre-1945). Also worth remembering a company called Pinie, they make wooden planes as well.
Yes, these planes are great. Ece wood planes Sometimes come up on ebay, one ending today in fact.
You can also find stuff like this(hatagane clamps too) on, had great experiences here and seems to be the european stockist of axminster stuff.
Interested to try the saw one day too
There were a couple of extras too (about 25 euros worth) but the whole lot came to 205 euros including German VAT and shipping (19 euros). I was refunded 34 euros (the VAT). I then paid £39 on import - which includes both the UK VAT and handling charge. So about £15 more than original price all in all.
That looks an interesting site. I see they seem to do the same saw. Price is a little more but includes shipping.

However, they do a saw vice!!! I don't need one (have an old one and I'd look to make one if I needed to improve on it), but that's the only new one I've seen anywhere. It says something about the market in Germany - that there are people willing to buy new kit like that to maintain hand tools.

Of the two, the fine tools site seems a little easier to navigate. Good to hear you've had good experience at dictum though @Cactushands

Damn this could really get expensive.

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