Router attachment for spindle moulder.

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6 Apr 2009
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Twyning, Gloucestershire.
Hi, I've been looking for a router attachment for a spindle moulder like this ... le-moulder but can't believe the price and can't find another. Is this the going rate for these? Does anyone know of any other suppliers at a more reasonable price? And are they universal? Any help/advice would be appreciated, cheers.
Totally depends on whether you can take the shaft out of your spindle moulder, if not there's no point looking and if it is it's almost guaranteed to be a unique fit.

Plus, a spindle moulder spins too slow for most router bits to cut efficiently.
Thanks Trevanion, I was told (and can't remember who by now! Old age!) that it was possible to get an attachment for my Axy SM, which is why I was looking anyway, but Axy don't do the attachment so not sure if the info was correct. If they're all over £400 I won't be getting one anyway. Your point about the spindle moulder speed is taken and I will have to get more info on that if I find a much cheaper attachment. otherwise it's all mute anyway. I appreciate your advice Trevanion,
£400 buys a lot of spindle moulder cutters!

A friend of mine bought a second hand Felder spindle moulder, it's a nice machine, has a sliding table and came with a power feed, it also came with a router attachment for the spindle. He finds the whole spindle moulder thing a bit scary so it only gets used as a very expensive router table #-o
Doug71":6zg80zdh said:
He finds the whole spindle moulder thing a bit scary so it only gets used as a very expensive router table #-o

I use the spindle moulder everyday and probably do things with it that would make some people’s blood curdle, but I personally find the router table a potentially more dangerous piece of equipment. As your friend thinks, people have a false sense of security with the smaller cutters and subsequently get a little complacent with time or perhaps think “It’s not as dangerous as a spindle moulder” when really there’s a much higher risk of kickback and tooling breakage with a router table, especially when the tooling isn’t spinning half as quick as it’s supposed to.