Spindle Moulder Tooling for Sash Windows


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In the photo - yes. ;-)

Generally, I can't help thinking that life is more complicated these days with euro blocks and limiters. The trad Whitehill blocks were simpler & more versatile - and entirely safe with good practice. Of course you can do what you like in a one-person workshop, and I'm sure that they appear for sale ...
Agree. You just have to keep your hands out of the way whatever device you are using.
Whitehill blocks were the safety blocks of the day back in the 80s and very much safer than previous varieties.
I only ever had one accident - someone had been fiddling and left a cutter loose. It snapped and shattered, half of it stuck in the workpiece. Nobody hurt. Would have happened the same with any variety of block, "safety" or not.
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Does anyone have any advise, or know if the tooling i want exists or can be made?
I'm not sure that migrating to a spindle moulder will solve your situation, without investment in time and tooling to set it up, if I were regularly making the same profiles I would consider a set up such as this guy uses on YouTube: Sash factory