remove stickiness from work gloves

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You could try a dusting of Talc ,it may work and you have nothing to lose by giving it a go,probably have to repeat when/if they go tacky again.
Aggghh. Yeah, there was a thread on that a while back but im pretty sure it was chisel or hammer handles? I cant remember the solution 😔
I use gloves daily on the spindle and the router. but not the saws as I prefer a bit of slip. is it something other users do? it makes for consistent grip.
sticky gloves are either affected by solvents or cheap gloves. try a better brand. there seems to be a huge variety.
As mentioned above, talc may well do the job, but it is not generally used much now as thought bad for babies.
I buy the cheap rubber palmed fabric back gloves from the likes of Toolstation. Super Grip Gloves Medium | Toolstation Such gloves are excellent for handling timber, giving good grip and feel. I even found them great for playing outdoor crown green bowls over last winter. When they get damaged I use them in the garden.
So far these have not gone sticky, but I do wash them when dirty. I wear them whilst giving a wash with Fairy Liquid and they come up a treat.


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