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21 Mar 2003
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North-East England
Hi all

I'm getting ready to spend some money on power tools for my new workshop when I get it built. I've looked about for a while and decide to push my budget till it squeeked.
The two machines I'm considering are an Elektra Beckum BAS316 bandsaw
and an Elektra Beckum PK200 Table Saw. I would like your pro's and con's on my choice.
all the best

good woodworking di d atest last month on midrange table saws including the pk200.
i think they liked the sheppach one better. primarily because it had an induction motor.

i've got the pk255 and its a good saw.
i would say that it is at the midpiont between a cheap contractors saw and a cabinet saw.

if you can get a saw with an induction motor do because they are so much quieter.

Drew - go for the Scheppach Basato 3 bandsaw. It's only £20 more than the EB 316, but it's a much better saw. The fence is brilliant, it has an induction motor and variable speed. That's got to be worth £20 of anybody's money! Aleks is dead right about the induction motor on the saw table. The EB 200 is very accurate, but deafeningly noisy - as bad as the cheap ones.
Thanks Aleks, Steve and James for your thoughts on my choices.
Steve I might just push the boat out that twenty quid further as you suggest.
I actually thought that the elektra beckum range had induction motors in them. But now I know I'll look around for a saw within my budget that has the induction motor.

Thanks again

i think the pk200 is the only eb saw wuth a brush motor.

don't know why


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