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Not made, but rescued, repaired and restored.

Thanks for the detailed explanation. I don't own a lathe so I can't use your method for making the wheels. However, it has given me some ideas.
I think I'll try an alternative to the tyre inner tube for connecting the body segments. Instead of having slots I'll cut all the way through and glue the two halves to a strip of leather (instead of innertube rubber). Since that won't be a very robust joint, I'll drill a couple of small diameter holes through each segment (going through the leather) and then glue in dowels. That should hold the leather strip tightly in place.
If I can come up with a quick way of doing the wheels, I think I might even turn it in to a centipede!
Thanks again for the ideas.
That is exactly how I used to make them 45 years ago though I used the lathe for the wheels. In a fact a few years later 2 of my pupils presented one to HRH Princess of Wales when she was expecting William which she called baby Wales when they visited our school after the Brixton riots. The one they made for her was a corgi. We didn’t know she hated corgis until after.
The leather survived our children and grandchildren.


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Saw a video where Rob Cosman added storage to his workbench, so I decided to do the same.

Thankfully I had some sapele and 15mm birch ply leftover from when I build the workbench, which really helped tie it all together.

Case is 12mm ply with sapele edge banding, draws are 9mm ply, with 15mm birch front face and sapele draw pulls.

The draw pulls came out really well an overall I'm really happy with how it turned out. I might add a door to the middle section at a later date when I have some hinges.

Pair of giant #18 hollows and rounds ready for finish today. It’s not easy putting profiles on planes that big without having a #18 already. Took much of a day and will need tweaking later, the hollow sole isn’t perfect.

Thats really lovely and looks so much more real than the cnc ones
Thanks Sofa. It took me around 14 hours to make, I'd never be able to make a living from carving if it came to it. I can see why folks use CNCs though:)
Looks great, and also, it's in oak, so yeah, that'll take some effort (but then again lime/basswood will probably not hold up in the european weather :D ).
Helping my son, daughter in law and grand kids who have just moved into their new house. Main problem is lack of storage so after flooring out part of their attic and fitting a loft ladder I got started on our granddaughters room. I ripped out her built in wardrobe and built a 4 drawer cabinet and vertical storage unit.

I then made a unit and towel rack for the boiler room and I’m half way through a under stair sliding storage build. i don’t normally work with sheet goods and what this has shown me is how limited my Lidl Parkside track saw is so I’ve just treated myself to a festool TS55!


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Not woodworking but I had to make this yesterday


A piece of cast iron had broken off the carriage of my bandsaw fence & over time moving had become more difficult


This is it test fitted to the carriage & bar


& finally with the fence fitted.


Happy to say it works a treat & slides better than I remember it ever doing.

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