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Andy's Shed

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13 Aug 2022
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I thought we could start a thread showing our latest woodturning projects, photos large or small all are appreciated. Please do join in if you're able to.
I'm still very much a novice, but here's some pics from today.

I started off making a bathroom light pull from a bit of Oak that I had laying around, I wasn't happy with the finished shape so I pulled a bit of Plum from the firewood pile to make another. My eldest son has just moved into his own home and I thought he'd appreciate having a light pull. :)

I was given a small spalted Sycamore blank a few months ago and today I turned it into a Salt Pinch bowl, I made the top from a bit of Oak board cut-off.
I confess to having taken the easier option of using the tenon as the foot, there are some small compression marks left behind from the chuck.



Omg @Stigmorgan is not going to know which way to turn...... Get it..... Turn..... Cos wood turning....... Nevermind
I can turn left or right so it's fine 😉
Been very very busy the last couple of weeks getting ready for the school summer fair on the 15th. Have several bowls part finished waiting on arrival of more CA glue so I can stabilise and sand them. I'll post pics if you want, there's quite a lot since I stopped posting on the other thread
"I'll post pics if you want,"
Yes we want more pic's please, bigun's littleun's and any in between and thanks to Andy for the new thread some nice work there.
Love those Holly podlets Stig, the way the light filters through is great and you have done well to keep them so white. I've often found Holly can go a dirty grey
Love those Holly podlets Stig, the way the light filters through is great and you have done well to keep them so white. I've often found Holly can go a dirty grey
I've done a few more but don't have pics yet, I managed to get a clean enough cut so didn't need to sand them, the bases that did get sanded have turned grey.
Here's a few shots of my collection produced over the last 5 weeks for the summer fair next week. Not everything I have as there's plenty still packed away from the Christmas fair.

@Tris Here's a closeup of all the holly podlets, I love the way they bend at the points branches were growing out from the trunk

This is the 2 logs of cherry that today's bowl came from, will probably work my way through these this week

The view from the lathe

Aaaand a sneak peek of the 2 bowls waiting for CA glue, one very punky spalted Oak and one heavily cracked willow
hope you do well at the school sale've worked hard enough for it.....

cant wait to get my lathes up and running......still packed away......
the wife want's to learn so looking forward to that.....honest.....
all those exotic woods like Birch, Oak etc are the wood of dreams.....
all that's here is Olive, Wild Almond and Carob and just sometimes Orange and Lemon tree cut off's.....all of which I really like.....but not very big.
there are a few Southern Oaks plus even rarer the odd Mulberry growing.....
even if in private gardens they are all protected......
thats unless they become a danger or fall down...
even then a regulated fella....pun inteded has to do's all about paper work.....
we do have some Maples by the road side that are around 2,5-3m in diameter but they won't fall down anytime soon.....
The forestry commission is very strong here...often refusing planning permission for houses........
I did look at one place with a very small wood, only about 20 pines.....the lawyer said we would have to sign papers saying they would never be cut down...!!!!! not that I'd want to anyway.....
I do have a 500 odd year old Olive in the garden or what left of it, very hollow but still gives fruit and that wont get cut down.....

as an add on.......
anyone in other parts of the world that want to show their turnings with local woods.......?
it'd be very interesting....North n South America, Ozz and NZ.....n everywhere in between......come on guy's......