Turning blanks from logs


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I am also a wood tourning nutcase ,if you are near me, I live in Rochester kent would love to meet you and see what you are doing woodturning wise
always happy to have visitors :) however, while Robbins Timber is good (I often use them) they are more of a builder's yard that also does hardwoods, rather than a supplier for turning / etc. - for that I would go to Yandles in Somerset who have a much wider choice.
Hi Akirk, nice saw job there. Keep a close eye on those newly cut pieces. I generally use candle wax to seal the ends (taken from the unburnt wax in household candles... you know the usually large amount of wax that remains in the glass jar?). If you follow Richards excellent advice on temporary sealing with bin bags, heed the word "temporary". Years ago I left the plastic on for far too long and extensive mould ruined the pieces.
Thank you - not enough candle wax here, so they have all been sealed both ends with PVA glue which I believe works well enough...
Will see what happens over the next few years - worst case scenario they can all be burned as firewood!