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20 Feb 2023
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I just took down an old apple tree for a neighbour across the road. It wasn't a huge tree but it had reached the end of it's productive life.
So, now I have quite a bit of kindling from the branches and a few logs. Max diameter is about 25cm. I have the ends sealed with wax and I plan to slice it up in to boards (most will be not much more than 10-15cm wide).
I have never worked with apple wood before so any advice will be welcome; for example does it warp a lot during drying, what is it like to work? I will probably use it for small boxes and a couple of charcuterie boards or cutting boards. I don't do turning.
Once you have it dry it is lovely. Close grained and with some superb colouring. I have found it quite prone to cracking and warping when drying. Seemed like a more exaggerated version of cherry!
I have some nice lengths of apple and pear, turns nice and a friend has carved some nice items from it.
Since it's prone to cracking and warping, maybe I should air dry it in an unheated greenhouse to begin with to dry it slowly, then before we get any really hot weather the boards should be at least partly dry.

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