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That really is a superb piece of work Nick, you must be very proud and pleased when you use it, I think the idea of internal panels is brilliant and gives you so much more space, nicely fitted drawers!
That is going to be quite heavy when it’s full I hope you got it well screwed to the wall!
A while ago I posted a photo of tool cabinet I'd made.

View attachment 92838

Since then I've been gradually fitting it out with tool racks and internal panels.

First was a chisel rack:

View attachment 92840

I then made an internal hinged panel. It's just 12mm ply with oak lipping.

View attachment 92842

I put some of my measuring tools on the panel:

View attachment 92843

Next were a couple more hinged panels with places for saws, marking gauges, spokeshaves etc.

View attachment 92844View attachment 92849

The most recent addition is a little drawer section. I made it as a separate unit which can be slotted in. This is the frame:

View attachment 92845View attachment 92846

And with the drawers in:

View attachment 92847View attachment 92848

There are a few more things I'll add (some dividers to the left of the drawers for example), and you'll notice that there is space for some additional tools which I don't yet own!

It's great being able to keep my bench clear of tools whilst having them all in easy reach.

Although I designed this to fit the space I had, the inspiration (especially for some of the details like the hinged panels and tool racking) was this article I found on line: Cabinet plans. It might be useful for anyone else embarking on this kind of thing.

Very smart indeed!
I used to keep my planes in a cupboard a bit like that. Everyone knew it as the hangar.

I glued a couple of little pieces of wood on the inside of the outer bottom edge of the doors so that when closed they protruded into the main cabinet so there was much less stress on the hinges.
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there is some woodwork in this, Honestly, It's a trolley for a magician. So he can transport his props and amp from his car to the venue in one go. It's not finished yet.
magicians trolly side on.jpg
During the lockdown I finally got some time to build my workbench after the wood had been waiting for nearly a year...
Top is beech with the middle removable strip iroko, frame and shelves iroko.


After that I thought I'd have a go at making a door, I took the up and over door out of the garage and replaced it with a wall and a door opening, now it looks like this!


Very nice Ferenc, particularly like that bit of wall and the door – dead posh! Nice bit of work on that bench as well, is that one of those lift up strips in the middle to plane against? I’ve just fitted one to my English style bench with a well. I wasn’t sure it was going to work with not having another big chunk of wood behind it but it does. Will load up some photos soon I think. Ian
Just noticed you have a couple of forged holdfasts, I’ve just brought mine back from the states I’m most impressed with them – Gramercy I think you can get them in Germany here.
Thanks Ian, yes, the middle strip (2X3") turns over as a planing stop, it fits pretty tight in the slot, the holdfasts (19MM) I got from Ebay from an english blacksmith, they work a treat.


Check out a new thread I started called "this should be required viewing for anybody working with wood" or something similar, really really brilliant, I’ve been working wood all my life and I learnt quite a bit!
Just put the first (of many) finish coats on this one, just to see - still have to do the base! Took many pics along the way and will post a WIP very soon, promise. Cherry, Am Black Walnut, Zebrano, Holly, Sapele, Beech, Plane. Lift-off lid.

new box.jpg
Sometimes the wood speaks for itself.

I bought a bundle of oak veneer (sight unseen) for another job a while back. It has a gorgeous ripple down one portion of the leaf, as can be seen on the right side of the box. It does show on the top as well but not clear from the picture. Luckily, I only used a fraction of the bundle for the job so have the rest.

Oak veneer with Am Black walnut trim.

This week some shelves I made for a tack room, customer painted and fitted themselves before people comment that something isn't level!

Nothing overly exciting apart from they wanted all the little brackets to be different so they matched the wooden pegs you can just see in one of the photos which are very handmade and all individual.

tack room 1.jpg

tack room 2.jpg
Ever since meeting John Wilson Home | Shakerovalbox a few years ago I’ve wanted to try making a shaker box, a friend cnc’d me some formers recently so over the weekend I’ve had a go.
This is purely a prototype that I’ve made as I’ve no previous practical experience of how they were made other than what John explained.
Made from aviation birch ply this was more to come up with a process as future ones will be made from steam bent veneer, that said I’m pleased with the outcome.

That’s really super, reminds me a little bit of camembert boxes from years ago. Please excuse my ignorance, I’ve never heard of aviation Birch ply before and also what are the little copper rivets that you used. Ian
What scale is that? N? Z?
Sorry its been a few days. That is N gauge. We had oo and n but then I sold all OO and got more n and merged it.

It's going to take forever to do it. I am building it on the floor in my sons bed room and my knees are not what they used to be so a little every night as best I can. =)