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5 Mar 2017
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Shepton Mallet, UK
It’s my birthday in a couple of weeks and I will be receiving an OF1400. I have been using a FTAGH MacAlister that I received from @weekend_woodworker. I have a ‘set’ of assorted bits I bought for a pittance from the local hardware store but they leave a lot to be desired.

Can anyone recommend a good online source for quality bits?
Scott and Sargent do a lot of CMT, brilliant quality and often on sale. Also Rennie tool company for solid carbide.
Ebay and Amazon is a bit of a lottery.
Wealden, the phone sales rep was excellent when i need a specific type of bit for a specific job and recommend a few bits which i then purchased
could not fault them and huge choice
Another vote for wealden, excellent advice from the chaps there too if you describe what you are trying to achieve
Hard to beat Wealden for sheer choice. However for one off bits that might only be used for a single project I find the ' yellow pack ' bits like Yonico on Amazon perfectly good and half the price of Wealden.
Yet another for Wealden. They deliver very quick too... even up here.

Whoever* is gifting an OF1400 for your upcoming birthday is a keeper; it's a cracking router.

*It's you, isn't it. Mum's the word 🤫

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