My Evolution Mitre Saw done me well

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20 Apr 2020
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My recent and first issue with my evolution mitre saw but definitely been a decent tool over the last 4 years.

Replaced blade after replacing bolt which was stuck tight.
Not long after
Mitre saw stopped all of a sudden, realised it was brushes worn.
Replaced £6 no problem

But the sparking was really bad

Cleaned up armature with some 400 grit, seemed to help a bit, so put back together and started to use.

Then the loudest crunch and crank sounds from it and stop getting its tracks.

Took it apart and this is what I found -


It basically has just blown out ruined my brand new £6 brushes lol..

It's £70 to replace the armature or £102 from Screwfix for a brand new machine with another 3-year warranty.

Luckily a friend of mine is giving me a DeWalt flip table saw might saw combo which I'll see how I get on with that.

So all in all the evolution might have sore has been a brilliant tool for about 4 years smashing through all sorts of wood.

If you're going to get one I highly recommend you register the warranty because I had a circular saw which I sent off for repairs and was back within a few days brilliant service.

So if anyone is in need of a evolution mitre saw for parts please get in touch

That’s rubbish. You might be able to still sell it on eBay for spares/repair and get a bit of money back, especially if the blade is ok still.

One thing I read about on the forum today: Bosch Pro Table Saw GTS10 Motor Rebuild is you have to be careful to use sandpaper without any metal oxide in when cleaning the this kind of stuff - or the sandpaper residue can short between the segments.

I’m not an expert in this so don’t know if that’s linked to what happened but thought I’d mention it.
I doubt that many/any sandpaper is itself conductive for example aluminium oxide is actually quite a good insulator.
What you do need to do is make sure you clean any dust/copper shards from between the commutator segments after any sanding - a toothbrush and cellulose thinners work well as I suspect this is what potentially has caused this failure.
Also if you ever replace the brushes on an electric motor it is wise to run the motor on no load for a while -continuously so as to bed the new brushes in and allow them to conform to the commutator before putting any heavy load through them,
This is particularly important for modern machines that make use of electronic braking since the stop/start puts higher surge currents through the brushes than you'd normally see whilst continuously running
Thanks for your replies ,
I think it was a combination of things

Brushes needed replacing and or may have cracked , I just replaced them without having a blow out or clean up , I I reckon something shorted on the actuator and then I thought I'd test it with a new blade on wood.
So shorted , heavy load, not cleaned, end result , blew it ! Lol.

I'll see what I can get Spares on eBay , but if anyone on here wants it let me know free.

Cheers all