Looking for a new Makita mitre saw


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Raymond UK

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19 Jul 2018
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South Yorkshire
I have a Makita LS1018L sliding mitre saw at the moment. I've had this for 5-6 years and it has been great. I'm looking to replace it with a battery (2x 18v) saw but most reviews mention the lack of a laser.

Is there a 36v Makita mitre saw with a laser and 260mm blade or do I keep my current one and keep plugging it in 10 times a day?

Thanks in advance..

Think the 305mm is the only 36v with a laser. You could always fit a shadow line, plenty of videos on YT.
The 111z has a laser. Never seen it for sale.

Should be easy to add the laser to a 110z. Most add a shadow line though.
Thanks for the replies. To be honest if not see the shadow line before you guys mentioned it.

I’ve had a quick look on YouTube and I think that’s the way forward
I think the DLS111Z is a 305. I have too many 260 blades to upgrade to 305... :-(
It's a 260 but I think it's only ever been for sale on markets outside Europe.