Mitre Saw advice

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I’ve owned a couple of erbauer tools over the years and my personal experience is that they’ve been poor quality so I would personally rule out an erbauer mitre saw. I also owned the Bosch gcm8 and whilst it was reasonable for the money, I found the materials were really low quality, such as the little grub screws which were used to hold the fence onto the saw, these ended up snapping.

I then bought a second hand dewalt 717xps for around the same money as I paid for the Bosch new and it’s like chalk and cheese, so much better quality (as you’d expect as new the dewalt would be well over twice the price of the Bosch). The Xps (cut line light) is great and it’s got stops for the common mitre angles which makes things so much easier.

I can’t comment on the metabo as I’ve never owned any of their gear but if I were you and you don’t mind waiting I’d keep an eye on second hand tools rather than new.

quality matters. I brought a bosch gcm10 secondhand and it was a great conventional saw but heavy. I brought a secondhand festool 120 for 400 to replace it as it was a bit lighter. Great saw I got it from a DIY user complete with a non festool stand. he'd barely used it tbh. that's my advice buy 240v from an obvious DIY user a quality saw. from Facebook marketplace forget eBay.