Looking for old, wide board of true mahogany


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Thanks for the replies everyone, sorry it's been a total whirlwind couple of weeks- been chasing a LOT of various wild geese! I'm trying David Dyke to all those who suggested him, and they are tremendously helpful- however keep on forgetting to actually get round to sending me photos of the piece or an invoice etc. Been well over a month since I first tried them.

Do you have Brazilian Rosewood for the fingerboard? I presume you're making a Junior or a Special? Be nice to see the finished item and some construction videos. Good luck
I do indeed have a lovely board of 200 year old BR- which is terrifying to think about cutting up but hey ho!

Sykes timber has been tried, and is honestly ridiculously expensive. Like I know this species IS expensive but it's at least 15% above other listed prices.

Few links on here I will try, thanks all!

I honestly had no idea this thread had blown up so much! I will definitely post some progress pics when I get to it! Got to bodge meself a drawerslide router copy carving jig next week!
Looking to find an old, wide (at least 13 inches wide by 2inches deep) board of true swietenia mahogany. So far google, timber yards, ebay and facebook marketplace have let me down!

For my degree project I am making a correct-material replica of a 1950's gibson electric guitar, hence the need for such a deep, wide plank. Annoyingly, they only used 1 piece bodies rather than a jointed 2 piece however the stuff was common as water back then 🙄🙄

If anyone can help I would be much appreciated!
I have planks of Brazilian, purchased late 90s for my own home, 2 around 7ft x 18 inches x 3 inches, and one about 14ft x 18 x 3. Loads of converted stock into around 4 1/2 x 3.

you don't mention length!
I may have some but not at 2 inch maybe 38mm. They were 20 inch wide bar tops that I made into 60mm worktops then there just sitting around! I'm convinced there true ma hogany but don't know for real.