Joke Thread 4

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Hi Phil I think your description of Camilla is wrong. She should be described as a "Plonker" as should king Charles be described as a "Plonker". Both these people made marriage vows in "the presence of God" and after this decided the vows did not apply. It seems strange that these two people can be considered as king and queen and paragons for the UK when they are unable to fulfil vows to God.
China generates 36% of its energy from renewables. The US 22% so yes your car is the problem.
Article in the Spectator today, contradicts the 36% as 75%:

Chinese–made cars are manufactured with a far dirtier mix of electricity than UK-made cars are. Three-quarters of electricity in China is still generated by fossil fuels, 55 per cent of it from especially filthy coal. The government may well tinker with the ZEV before the year is out, but it is unlikely to admit to this greater folly, that the much–heralded switch to electric cars is likely to destroy our car industry, drive up costs for motorists – and fail to cut global emissions.
And cars to the UK.....
which if you think about it, just moves the issue from China to another country.......
A bit like Covid maybe?
They said,' Not us gov, we didn't cut up no bats'
And folk believed them?

There is usually two Clip's to every Klopp from a three legged horse.

The apostrophe is just for JAW911.
It so much apostrophe as catastrophe!!