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Found Hammer n4400 or Felder FB510


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8 Jun 2022
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So I am looking to trade up to a new or quality second hand bandsaw.
Started with a Dewalt which was less than ideal traded up to a startrite 352 E but its not able to tension a 19mm blade sufficiently so it wonders all over the place coupled with the machining on it is questionable at best with @1.8mm difference in the mitre slot from front to back which means any cuts using the mitre slot are not very accurate.
Having had two bad experiences I am looking at getting a better one this time and have been looking at the Hammer and Felder offerings.
They both receive favourable reviews with the fb510 having a bit more capacity over the n4400 and a hefty amount more weight at 250kg vs 170kg
Any one had both and be able to give a real world compare and contrast on them for me?
I was hoping to get to MK and see them both in person but alas they don't have the fb510 in stock right now so unable to right now.
Main use will be resawing hardwoods for end grain boards so in all probability the n4400 is a more than enough machine but there is part of me thinking should I get the 510 and then be able to make double width boards and resaw them so for the same machining and glueing I in effect get two boards. but resewing a 30-33cm board 50cm long would that be realistic?
Also having had two bad experiences the price difference between the two doesn't put me off. The key is getting the right saw and not being disappointed again.
Have watched Manor wood videos and was impressed by the saws cutting finish on the 510 but then I saw that Peter Sefton moved back to a n4400 from the 510.
Any comparison between the ceramics vs the std guides also be welcome.

If anyone is considering selling fb510 or a N4400 let me know. I missed one this week ironically the only day I didn't check the for sale section in the last 6 months. Anything in 3 hours of South London or that your willing to pallet delivery to me considered.

Would also need single phase have a 20amp circuit set up in the workshop but not looking to go three phase and converters

Thanks in advance for any info
Why just those makes / models in particular? IMO it is worth considering the SCM Formula 440S or it’s bigger siblings. Made by Centauro in Italy.
Why just those makes / models in particular? IMO it is worth considering the SCM Formula 440S or it’s bigger siblings. Made by Centauro in Italy.
So would be able to consider those second hand but new they jump out of my price range which is why I didn't list them.
Just giving my 2cents regardless if new or used, but the question of what to look for if buying used was raised recently, so might as well mention somethings.

Best chance is to seek out used machines which looks clean/good condition, paint irrelevant and tested with a wide blade, say a 3/4" and not a narrow one. (which you will need check with straight edge to eliminate speculation)
You should be able to see a demonstration of the machine cutting if paying for pristine condition or near it.
Might be difficult with a new machine, best be close enough to return it if you can't test it out.

Some shrewd salesman or previous owner could do some things to muddy the waters, which I can try to mention clearly.

Listen for any creaking or occasional knocking noises whilst hand turning wheels, seems to be something to look out for, be speculative if the brush is set a bit too close, it might be as noisy as those sounds.
Same deal with the guides, seller shouldn't be begrudging of backing them off.
One could also look for spelching of the underside of the cut, as if bad a possible hint of something wrong, (a single tooth overbent could account for one side of the cut being so)

Depending on tire profile, as ones with flat tires will be more telling for visual tests...
Note if the blade will stay put on the wheel in the exact same spot whilst you're hand turning them, whilst standing looking at the face of the wheels,
as in.. any hint of it creeping closer to, or off of the edge, (setup depending)
The upper wheel shows noticeable movement on my machine, but it's very slight, only visible whilst looking at the very top. and you'd not notice if you were in a rush.

Doing the same standing to the side looking at the gap opening or closing between thrust guide, turned by hand is less telling than above, but perhaps more telling done under power.

Some of the other tests like making sure the guidepost is parallel w/blade in both axis
provided it's rigid and non adjustable.

I reckon a finger firmly pressed against the machine door or from the back might be telling how much wobble there is, (though a dead flat floor is extremely dependent to get a proper idea)
how much care might have been made during the manufacture of the machine, or if it were a ham fisted forklift driver might have let it down too quick on a used one,

Some of that, and most of the rest of things to be aware of could likely be adjusted, if even with shims or whatever, should be plenty of space on a larger machine to do workarounds if need be,
but the wheels being the most important thing to note, and from my findings, likely the biggest
variant between each individual machine, regardless of the manufacturer.

Good luck!

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I did it for you, but if you go to the top of first post in the thread, you will see some menu options in the blue bar on the right. From there you can edit the thread title and change the tag.
Get the most powerful bandsaw you can afford. These large bandsaws are mainly used for resawing chunky pieces so you will probably want to leave a 3 TPI blade on it. I have a Hammer N4400 and it is good at resawing with a 4 HP single phase motor. Dust extraction could be better with all these saws - extraction under the table and under the bottom wheel is the optimum. Aluminium extension tables are available for the Hammer if you have the space but are pricey. I also wish it had a detensioning lever. Lastly these bandsaws are heavy !! I had mine delivered on the horizontal and could not lift it. I eventually clamped an 8 ' spar on the base and used the ' law of the lever ' with success. You will soon want a smaller bandsaw with a fine blade but that's for another day. :giggle:
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