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Stuart M

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7 Apr 2024
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We're halfway through renovating our small utility room,

We have a sink on the left, a washing machine on the right, the worktop is at a 130degrees angle, and it will extend over the washing machine.

I am going to box in the pipework, build a cabinet (in red) for under the sink, and there should space beside the washing machine for a narrow pull-out cabinet (either free standing or built in)

That will leave an empty gap, from worktop to floor, on both sides of the vertical board.

The middle panel is a melamine board, and cutting this so it's parallel to the board on the left and adding some sort of faceplate is an option.

Alternatively, we've could get a curtain to hide any gaps.

Any suggestions??

Screenshot 2024-05-13 at 11.47.28.png
I would be inclined to do as with a kitchen - a corner post with 130 degree rather than 90 degree (normally) angle.

I would add two further bits of melamine covered board to go parallel to the left side of the washing machine forming the sides to mount the runners for the pull out cabinet.

Doors on the under sink cabinet and the pull out cabinet could align with the corner post..
If you're going to go with what you've got, make sure you leave enough room for the w/m to be slid straight out, you never know when (not if) you will need to pull the w/m out for some reason.
I would have a panel to the left of the washing machine and replace the panel to the right of the sink with a M&T framework. You could then shelve out the odd shape and get maximum use of the shape.

Are you going to disconnect and remove the sink to install it in the new worktop? If you are, then the best solution is to make a custom ‘corner’ cabinet to fill the entire space, with a pair of doors that open the whole corner.
I would suggest a half height, removable back panel, obviously forward of the pipe work and low enough to retain access to the washing machine water connection. This will keep everything neat and tidy and prevent anything falling off the rear of the lower shelf.
Fix a vertical batten to the cabinet sides to hold the back panel and use magnet catches to secure it in place. That way you can easily get it out of the way if you have a plumbing issue. Also 180 degree hinges would be most suitable for both doors in this situation.
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