Hey all, new to woodworking / DIY


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Stuart M

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7 Apr 2024
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Just came across the forum after a bit of searching for router advice!

Anyway, originally from Scotland, but been living in France for a while. I've recently become interested in woodworking and have been looking at various DIY tasks that need done around the house.

The last week has been spent making some space in the garage and getting some OSB up on the walls in anticipation of setting up some French cleat storage (currently rethinking those plans as the benefit doesn't seem worth the effort it's going to take).

My first project is probably going to be the laundry / utility room - we're going to paint the melamine cupboards, do something with the horrible shelving, get hold of a worktop for the washing machine / sink area, and build a basic cabinet to support the Belfast sink. We inherited a crapload of melamine shelves and I'm trying to work out if they can be repurposed for anything other than shelves - so any advice here would be appreciated.

We've also got a bunch of wooden fence pickets and I'm trying to working out if it's worth cleaning them up and doing something with them. Any thoughts?

Other than that, I've been looking at building a chess board, but I'm struggling to get a source for small quantities of quality wood.

Anyway, glad to be part of the community, and hope I can contribute some stuff in the future!

Thanks all
Welcome onboard. Cleaning up and using old wood is in my opinion something you do because you want to rather than as any cost saving. The exception being old brown wood furniture which can be a very cost effective source of timber.

French cleats are another of those things that work in the right situation, I hung a large piece of art with one last week, but to use them for all your storage is a lot of work for little benefit.

Look forward to seeing the chessboard, another item on my ‘one day’ list.