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12 Mar 2024
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St.Ives Cambs
Hi All,

New to the forum, live in St Ives Cambridgeshire.

By day I'm an Operations Manager and by night an amateur DIY-er, very slowly repairing or replacing various things around my (new to me) house which is full of "1982 original features".

Just getting in to wood working, although a better description might be "just getting started trying to build things with wood".

Already learning some hard lessons ref "buy once, cry once" and this hobby is not for the faint of heart ref the wallet.

Attached are photos of my most recent "projects"... DIY (Google Photo Album)

(1) Boarded walls of garage so I could French cleat shelves etc.

(2) a "house" for my pond filter from bits of pallet

(3) some "kitchen cabinets" from the cheapest ply I could find. I convinced the missus I should have a go at cabinets to see if we could build our own kitchen a cunning route for me to actually build some storage for my garage ;) I've learned a lot doing that mind...and more likely I'll be buying a kitchen and fitting myself rather than building from scratch! Good old "Time vs Cost vs Quality".

I'll shortly be posting a whole bunch of questions that all have seen before (cheapest way to build myself a router table, where to get decent wood where I live rather than rubbish from Wickes et al).

Anyways, hello, and look forward to being part of the community ;)


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