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4 Feb 2008
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Leeds, West Yorkshire
No ... not Axminster this time ... at the Harrogate show I was looking at Bessey's ... not buying, but I asked after purchasing replacement end-pieces for a K-clamp as some of mine were lost/broken, and they are useful for setting the clamps level on the bench when gluing up boards (say) for a tabletop. "Sorry we don't sell them" was the answer. I looked disappointed. "...but if you leave me your name on this bit of paper I'll see what I can do?"

Wasn't too hopeful - the place was heaving on the Friday morning. Saturday morning, a packet arrived with some replacements without charge ... no address slip etc provided ... but I assume it's LJ Hydleman & Co, especially as the postmark was Skipton.

Many thanks - well done ... EXCELLENT cramps too! But another good reason to choose them perhaps?

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