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Hii everyone,

I need your help with a project I am thinking of doing - building shelves for the garage. The dimensions I have in mind are 1.9 m in height and 2.4 m in length, with a gap between the shelves of 45 cm and shelf length of 50 cm. I was planning to use treated timber as the garage gets damp, but the price at B&Q for their Metsä Wood Treated Rough Sawn Treated Stick timber (L)2.4m (W)75mm (T)47mm is £11.67 and that takes me to almost £200 for the timber alone.

My questions are:
1. What type of timber should I use (treated, untreated, CLS, C16)?
2. What dimensions shuld the timber have (I am looking at 47x75x2400 mm)?
3. What type of OSB should I consider for the shelves themselves?

Anything else I should have in mind?

Check on line see if there are any timber merchants /sawmills near you will be a lot cheaper than b&q
Have a look for second hand Ikea Ivar shelving it’s plenty strong enough adjustable and modular and won’t cost anything like making your own with new timber. If it’s grubby just paint it
If you do go the keyhole/slot together type with the thin mdf shelves (can take a surprising amount of weight once erected) search the reviews for the word ‘mould’ as there are a number of the brands (guessing they may all share a common supplier/warehouse) where a number of reviews have shown the shelves literally dripping in mould within a few weeks (even if in dry conditions)

Note. I bought one of the brand with this in the reviews as they were so cheap at the time and left one of the shelves out for a few weeks to see (I wasn’t in a rush to get them up). Had it bloomed I would have got a partial refund and cut some shelves from mdf I have lying around. So it’s not certain to happen but thought I’d mention as it’s pretty nasty and unhealthy if you’re one of the unlucky ones.
What about steel perforated angle, & chipboard? I had shelving made from it in my old workshop for 'donkeys', stored paint & garage tools & very rigid.