Small Workshop Build - 4.8m x 2.4m

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Rubber roof and no skylight? You could have bought a cheap double glazed unit from a window company and made a frame.

What planes do you have for heating the space, ventilation?

Cracking build so far though 😉
Thanks! Havnt had chance to get out there in a while, picked up some insulation from fb marketplace which was good. Unfortunately not a rubber roof, I just used that as an underlay for the felt as had to buy a huge roll of it for the concrete.

I have bought some round vents with fly screens, although might look into a better ventilation system.

Heater wise, I have a small fan heater, I won’t have much time out there so just a couple of hours here and there. May invest in something better if I come across any decent suggestions.

What’s left to do:-

Hang insulation inside and board it out.
Seal concrete floor
Install vents
Hang gutter on back edge
Paint exterior (already going abit green around the bottom so need to do this as soon as spring hits)

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