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Le dullard de la commune
2 Mar 2007
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I have a new front door ( Composite + frame) to fit but in a different place.

The current door is set back 1.5m to form a porch.
I plan to put the new one set back by about 50mm, this is to gain extra space internally.
The sides are brick.
The top I will need to build up to the ceiling after the door has been fitted ( about 300mm.
Don't really want a step, but assume I need a drip edge.
I was thinking of building this with engineering bricks ( I have a lot and the height is about bang on to what I need) set on edge.
I was planning on setting these long ways on to the current brickline to give me a foot to the door frame plus a bit of overhang.

How far do you think I should overhang these?
Plus any comments on my 50mm, which is a bit more than what I have seen in other properties (so assume is OK).