First mitre saw, EVO SMS255+ or Bosch GCM8?

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It’s the 10” version of that saw I seen in the comparison videos. Doesn’t seem to be for sale in U.K.

Go with the Makita, you’ll be more than happy.
But your choice.
Had my dewalt 305mm mitre ( 110v) for around 25 years now. Whilst it’s not been used every day it’s cut everything I’ve thrown at it from small mouldings to 8inch x3 inch joists, hardwood decking, reclaimed sleepers etc etc, my point is it’s never let me down and has never had any parts apart from blades of course. It’s super accurate and easy to adjust . Buy the best you can afford but as others have said don’t compromise on accuracy or there is no point in buying it. You may not need the bigger saw atm but you probably will in the future. Another feature for me was the double bevel and 25 years ago you only really had the dewalt within my price range.
DeWalt seem to be the best mitre saws outside of the really expensive ones.

Im limited for space, so if I go with a 10” Makita and Bosch seem to be the best options.

Will definitely look at DeWalt if I go with a 8”.
I've always had 10" mitre saws, think they are a good balance between capacity and portability, it's very rare I need to cut something that a 10" saw won't handle. Accuracy is really important to me and for some reason I find smaller saws feel more accurate. I like a double bevel, some people might not need it but I couldn't be without it.

Not much help as I'm just reminiscing but I had one of these for years, great saw, absolutely loved it, shame they don't make them anymore as it ticked all the boxes (apart from the rails being at the back but at the time there was only Festool who had the rails at the front).
Going to order a mitre saw today.

Added the DeWalt DW717XPS-LX and Makita DLS110Z Cordless to my shortlist. The cordless Makita is the same price as the wired version at the moment.
The difference is that with one you are not tied to the battery, unless you are planing on working in remote places then I would always want corded.

I’ve got a stack of makita batteries already otherwise I wouldn’t consider it.

I will be used mostly in my shed (no power) and around the garden. I’m leaning towards corded though.

I bought a makita generator for working in remote places that’s still in its box 3 years later 😊
The bolt that holds the blade in place is an absolute nightmare to undo.

A few people on YouTube have had the same issue.
Torqued up too much? Manage to get it undone?
Torqued up too much? Manage to get it undone?
I had to put a box end spanner onto the Allen key for extra leverage and use more force than felt right.

I honestly thought the Allen key was going to snap.
It’s a great mitre saw. Better than anything I’ve used before.

Very compact for its cutting capacity. Soft start is nice and build quality is very high.

Its not light (27kg) but feels solid compared ”plasticky” saws I’ve used in the past.