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18 Dec 2018
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Having given up on finding a Record AC400 in stock anywhere, I went ahead and bought an 800 m3/h 200mm inline duct fan 2nd hand (which has noisy bearings, but that's a whole other discussion). I plan to mount it in a box which I will pad internally and hang from my 9 ft high ceiling (workshop is 4m X 4m). I'm getting confused by filter options. I plan to have a 295mm X 595mm X 47mm G4 panel filter with the same size but 295mm deep F8 multi pocket bag filter behind it. Then comes the fan and then a Hepa hoover bag attached to the back of the fan. All that set up so that the air goes through the G4 filter, then the F8 and then the Hepa filter. I plan to use a smart plug and my Alexa app to control it (works wonders on my dust extractor - "Alexa, turn on the extractor" and you can also set schedules for things). I plan to have one box with the fan in it and a separate filter box screwed together so that I can change the fan later on or the filter set up.

What thoughts? Any advice on filter setup?

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