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25 Jun 2018
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Hello again,

I am interested in buying a air quality monitor to give me live readings of workshop particles (PM10, PM2.5, PM1.0) and HCHO concentrations.
All though these are available for well under £100 which appear to do the job, it would seem that many are fake. As in they do not have the correct multiple sensors inside and simply calculate values.
Their are many strip down reviews showing this.

Of course their are plenty of high end units from well know brands that even come calibrated, but this does not meet my requirements (Too expensive!).

RS components sell a selection and one, which is RS Pro branded, looks almost suitable but I also really wanted a unit that can show PM1.0

Also, while on this subject, I was thinking about getting a air filter unit (Record AC400 etc) but due to my low ceiling, would not really be suitable.
I wanted to know what are your views on simply having a couple of inline fans (100 mm or 150 mm) which would sit in my loft. Have a couple of these with grills on the ceiling and vent the output straight outside, through the garage wall through further vents / grills. Maybe even later make a filter box to put inline as well, and maybe then bring the clean air back into the workshop rather than venting outside.
I could have them on low when working and high if the particle meter goes red....!!

This sort of thing:

Vent-Axia 17104020 97mm Axial Inline Extractor Fan with Timer 240V

I have wood dust extractors (Cam-vac's etc) and wear a mask, but it nice to take the mask of when you know air is safe.

Any thoughts?

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You don't have to hang the Record AC400 from the ceiling - it works just as well on its side on a shelf (one of the well-known YouTube woodworkers - can't recall who - has just that in his shop) - I think the VentAxia plan would make a hell of a mess outside - and probably not be that effective with the ducting etc.

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