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23 Mar 2006
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Greater Manchester
I did A search about a month ago about air filter orientation but couldn’t find any long term opinions so thought I’d see ask here.

ive got a record power air filter hanging in the usual way. Due to home workshop being tiny and quite a low ceiling, even with the filter being fitted hook to hook (no chain used). I occasionally get a good whack on the head. Thinking of putting the filter on a shelf on its side (so it’s rotated 90 degrees), like badgerworkshop did in his old workshop. Just curious if this will put any strain on the fan.
There was a post on here quite recently with the same Q. Sorry I can remember the header of the post or the poster's name. Assuming we're talking the Record AC 400, then someone replied that they had been in touch with Record and "lying the unit on it's side" was not a problem.

I would think that as long as there is clear space for air flow, in and out,
then there shouldn't be any problem regarding the machine's orientation.
I'm not sure whether it is strictly necessary but I would lie it on its side such that the motor and switches are above the airflow.

This may reduce the risk of gravity allowing fine dust to clog the working bits.

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