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21 Mar 2017
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Further to my other post I have purchased a record fine air filter. Which is the best way to install this
  1. With the input side facing my main work area, so it draws the dusty air away from me, but the filtered air is blown to the other side of the workshop. Input air flow into the unit has low speed but potentially draws up from the bench area past me
  2. With the output facing my main work area so the filtered air is blow into my work space. This does not actively remove any dust laden air but just dilutes it and also creates a bit of a draft
Any comment appreciated. Ian
I have my Rutlands version in the joists with the main filter pointing towards the center of the shop - I figured it would give the best average filtration of the whole area. Alternatively move it to point in the direction of the area you work in. I always point the suction end towards the cause of the dust.
I had mine with the filter sucking away from my workspace. I had a heater the other side so it circulated warm air. I say did because I’m in a new workshop now and won’t be able to ceiling mount it. It’s pretty efficient I’ve got a air quality monitor and I’m really impressed how quickly it knocks it down.

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