Air filters and how they are mounted.

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25 Dec 2020
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So I'm looking at getting an air filter for my tiny shop, either the Axminter AW15AFS or the Record Power AC400.

The issue I have is that my ceiling hight is pretty low, low enough that mounting the filter as it is usually depicted is problematic.

Can these filter be mounted sideways, ie rotate through 90°. And mount close to a wall?

@ Britman:

I had the same problem when I bought my Record AC 400.

The fixing kit came with chains which if used at full length would have meant I would have had to almost go on hands and knees (!) to get under it in my cellar shop. There was also a bit in the Manual about not mounting the unit within "X" of the ceiling (I forget what "X" is off hand, sorry).

Anyway I contacted Record and explained my problem and the bloke there said provided there was plenty of air flow all round the sides of the unit - i.e. not tight into a corner or hard up against a side wall) all should be OK.

So I made up four brackets (just MS strips) with a kink in the middle of each so that when mounted on the ceiling the top of the unit stands about an inch (25 mm) below the ceiling. And I chose a place right in the middle of the shop (so no air flow interference from corners, walls, etc). But note that you DO need that "about an inch" as above, otherwise you won't be able to open the two clips that retain the filter - they rotate upwards.

That was a few years back now and it all works just as advertised., and I'm very satisfied with the unit

Based on all that I'd agree, with the mounting very close to the ceiling will be OK, but NOT if you also want it tight into a corner. I think it's either one or the other, sorry.

And the unit is rectangular, so the filters only go in one way, sorry again. And note the retaining clips, mentioned above.

But HTH anyway.

Edit for a P.S: Sorry, I mis-read your post Britman - I thought you meant turning just the FILTER sideways 90 degrees, not the whole unit. I'd say the following - the fan in the unit (it's a drum type) runs with it's axle parallel to the "normal top" of the unit (if you get what I mean). That fan runs in a bearing at each end of the fan's "axle" (i.e. one bearing at each side of the unit). At a GUESS I'd say that turning the whole unit on its side would NOT be a good idea as the the fan axle bearing at the lower end would then be carrying all the weight and forces of the whole fan on it's own. Doesn't sound a good solution to me, but as said I'm GUESSING. Why not contact Record and ask? I found their web site and the necessity to open an account a bit annoying, but once through all that hoo-haah the bloke I ended up speaking to seemed pretty knowledgeable and very helpful.
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Do the user manuals have anything to say about operating these units on their side? You can usually access them online.
I have the AC400 hanging (the right way up) from shortened chains which was mounted in a wooden cradle in my previous workshop. Both locations quite close to the ceiling, especially on one side as both roofs slope. Doesn’t seem to be an issue.
I've got my Manual (paper) in my hand. It's about 5 or 6 years old now, but I don't think anything has changed (though I haven't checked on line). My Manual only talks about mounting the unit in the "normal" (upright) way.

I guess best to ask Record, as the OP says.

I'm sure I have seen someone doing a youtube review of the RP400 standing on edge on a shelf, don't see why not as long as there is airflow at both ends and you can undo the very easy clip to get the filters out. The remote (not essential if you can reach the buttons but really handy) has a fairlyt limited angle of operation, my first go at installing, hanging on its chains, left it too close to the wall to conveniently aim the remote so I moved it one joist over.

Ah, here we go. Bit overcomplicated by making it look fancy but you get the idea - go about 7 minutes in for the summary!

There is a very similar "Jet" version in the USA and the manual says:

 It can be mounted horizontally and vertically. The unit can also be hung from the ceiling.
They work on their side - IIRC Badger Workshop on YT had one like that in his old workshop. [Edit - as I typed the Badger pic was posted!]

My Record 400 is mounted in a "cradle" about 25mm from the ceilin of my garage workshop (the grey shrouds are my pushbikes hanging up)
The filter works well BUT the remote control doesn't have much bandwidth - you need to point it pretty accurately at the control panel to get it work. What you can't see is that at the other side of th unit, beside the filter, I have a small fan heater that works with a remote - the two remotes are visible in their pockets in the pic. Unit is just about above my head - I'm 6'4"
Thanks guys.
Record Power confirmed that mounting it, as shown by Badger, is acceptable so long as the intake out outflow are now restricted.

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