Drill for Wolf drill stand


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23 May 2018
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I’ve just bought a Wolf ES14 drill stand (cause it was cheap) and found out that my Bosch drill has a 50mm collar that doesn’t fit, it needs to be 38 or 43 mm.
Can anybody recommend a drill for this stand?
It needs to be lockable variable speed (not trigger sensitive) and with a fairly short body.


An old one, maybe? I have a Hitachi FDV16VA which fits fine in my Bosch drill stand and meets your spec. I still think of it as quite new but it must be about 20 years old by now. It's a bit frustrating how the standards keep changing on this sort of thing, but old corded power tools are pretty cheap, if you can find some that haven't just been binned, so are a pretty low risk purchase.
any of the older corded black and decker drills that look kinda blocky will have a 42mm collar.
Pretty sure the Bosch PSB 13 would fit. Had one yonks ago and used it in the same stand and the bigger Record Power offering.
I used a wolf stand for many years, with my ryobi mains hammer / drill. The speed sensitive trigger on the ryobi has a twist knob on it so you adjust with the trigger travel knob and you cant overspeed. You just adjust the trigger to the speed you need and then push the trigger in and lock on with the button.
I'll be a smart buttocks and say , how about a Wolf cub or safety master? No variable speed, Noisy as anything, metal body so needs a GOOD earth on it. But really retro! Used to have a complete set in the garage.
I’ve seen the old wolf drills on the bay, but they look a bit too risky....
I’ll order the Bosch drill and be done with it! That’s got the kind of speed control that sunnybob was explaining if I understand correctly.

Thanks for all the replies.