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6 Apr 2015
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I managed to pick up a Jet 120s for very cheap. Seems like it’s been sat round for a while. Rusty and doesn’t cut well but the tyres are shot at so I’m hoping that’s 90% of the problem.

Already done the de-rusting and looking at a set of the orange PU tyres.

It’s mainly cast iron and I can barely shift it myself so I want a rolling base. Workshop is small so the option to move it to get to dust collection etc is essential.

Is there a decent off the shelf wheeled bandsaw stand with storage available? I’m not averse to making one myself but I’m sick to death of making workshop furniture and once I’ve bought half a sheet of ply and some castors I’ll be approaching the price of some of the ones I’ve seen. I might want two stands if a decent drill press shows up on classifieds any time soon.

Secondly it came with the stock fence, which seems fine but I may want something bigger.

Next, there’s no attachments for the slot. I think a mitre gauge would be useful. Any recommendations for one that won’t break the bank? Anything else the slot is useful for?

Finally blades. This will likely be Tuffsaws. I’ve heard you can do most jobs with a 3tpi 1/2” and a 6 tpi 1/4” (I think). I’ll mostly be using it for DIY jobs. I have some parquet to lay, including making some tricky curves round stairs. I’ll need to do some light metal cutting at some point and cut out some bowl blanks for the lathe.

Any other useful accessories I might need? I had a cheap Chinese one years ago. This is my first ‘decent’ bandsaw and I can’t see myself needing a bigger one unless I upgrade to a space and find the disposable income to do projects where I need to resaw boards.
I have always made my own roll-away stands/frame from steel.....good n strong plus easy to create storage.....
TuffSaw is def the place to go for blades......
I wouldn't cut metal with a wood saw....well perhaps ally or brass on occ.......100% not steel or cast......
most b/saws are too it'll scratch the table and make a right mess.....
U can do a lot with a 4" metal grinder and a thin cut metal blade/disc.....