Sorby Pro Edge, replacement sanding belts?

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Andy's Shed

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13 Aug 2022
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I need to get myself some new sanding belts for my Robert Sorby Pro Edge and thought I'd ask if anyone have any recommendations as which are the best type to buy? I'm only using them for sharpening my woodturning gouges etc.

I had been using 120 and 240 grit Aluminium Oxide belts, but they're both worn out now. Would Ceramic 120s be a better buy?
Ceramics are more effective for longer than AO belts on high speed steel turning tools. Zirconium are inbetween the two in performance but I stick to ceramic generally 180 or 220 grit if I can find them. Found it worthwhile buying in bulk from specialist abrasive companies for the substantial cost savings but the downside was that you had to order a dozen or so of each type, but that's fine if you're regularly turning but maybe less so if only occasionally or don't want to spend so much upfront.
Thanks for your replies. Not long after posting the above, I had a look on YouTube and afterwards decided to order 3 ceramic 180s.
Biven Machinery, Blackpool , my local supplier has a great range of reasonably priced machines and parts etc website worth checking out
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