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1 Dec 2020
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I’ve just aquired a Sorby Proedge Sharpening system,I’ve watched their tutorials on YouTube ,on how to sharpen a oval skew chisel,The person on the video ,seems not to long at the system,before he gets it sharpened,I’m using a 60 Ceramic belt to get the 15 degree angle,then switch to a 120 Ceramic belt ,as per the video,The length of time I’m spending to try a sharp edge is very long ,and the skew is very warm to the touch,and I just can’t get the middle of the skew edged out.Can anyone give me some advise ,
As with any sharpening system and tools , First you need to establish the shape of the tool using a agressive belt to remove metal , Then when in use this profile only need a quick re edge with a fine grade belt , You can dip the tool in some water to keep the edge cool , I would advise not getting the tool excessively hot
From what others have said the Oval Skew is not that easy to sharpen well.

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