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Sold Robert Sorby Deluxe Universal Sharpening System (447) + extras


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Making shavings
21 Dec 2018
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Robert Sorby Deluxe Universal Sharpening System (447) + extras

Forms a complete sharpening systems when used with a 6" or 8" (or any size) grinder. The fingernail jig (ref 445) and the skew and standard gouge jigs can also be used on the Sorby ProEdge.

Package includes the Boxed 447 set which comprises the Adjustable Platform (ref. 446) and the Fingernail Profiler (ref. 445) to enable easy and precise sharpening of fingernail grind gouges, gouges, skews, and other woodworking tools.

Also includes packaged extras:
Adaptor Table (ref. W447JAT) required to use the extra jigs.
Skew Jig (PESKEW)
Standard Gouge Jig* (PEVB)

Also includes a shop made Long Grind Jig in wood for long grind (Irish grind type) fingernail gouges.

With user instructions.

Yandles prices:
Deluxe System (447) £144.99
Jig Adaptor Table (W447JAT) £25.99
Skew Jig (PESKEW) £17.99
Standard Gouge Jig* (PEVB) £33.99
All in excellent working condition with original box and packaging. The fingernail profiler has come into contact with the grinding wheel so has an area of abraded surface which doesn't affect its performance at all (see last photo). The remainder is excellent.

Total from Yandles, £222.96

For sale at £100

Can be collected or can pack and post by courier at cost.

Payment by cash on collection or card / bank transfer.

Also see my other post of a Record Power 8" grinder for sale


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I'm out all day so it's difficult to check but I'd say less than£10.
It looks like around £7 through the Post Office but that increases to £12 to include compensation for the full value. I haven't done a full comparison of other carriers.
Provisionally sold subject to collection / payment. Thank you for the interest shown.