Disappointed with Axminster


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Many (perhaps most) larger town centres that would previously have had a wide range of shops have a road network dating back to Victorian or earlier times. They functioned well before the post war urban expansion based largely on walk, horse power or public transport.

Car became the principle means of transport in an increasingly consumer driven economy. Growth of retail parks and malls meant easy access and parking. Success of pedestrianisation and inner ring roads (IMHO) has been mixed.

Park and ride or public transport to urban centres takes longer, costs more, and means purchases need to be carried.

Now even retail parks are feeling the strain with online shopping providing a route to fast delivery and low prices minimised through central warehousing vs bricks, mortar and staffed stores.

There is an inevitability to this. The traditional retail city centre will not somehow re-emerge no matter what happens to parking costs. The real challenge is to evolve a new role for the city centre to allow social and business interaction to thrive in a very different environment.
These things happen, and you cant really judge the company on one foul up.

I've had dozens of sales with Axminster and 99% of the time its all gone ok. I've also had a few that I would describe as less than ideal. But the good the company offers outweighs that occasional problem, but on the whole they will do all they can to accommodate.

Perhaps with the OP its a case of both sets of instructions were there and he just downloaded the wrong one. Is there any clarification there as to what instruction PDF's are available. I know I've often downloaded the wrong set of instructions for bike stuff. Just seen the title and clicked it without think there were more than a single option.

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