Table Saw kickback and trimmed finger (Graphic description & images)

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Sorry to hear of your accident - brave of you to post about it! Hope you get back into action quickly.
Seems to be the most common serious accident in woodworking.

ALWAYS use two push sticks, NEVER have your hands nearer to a TS or a spindle than say 6"
Use the standard pattern widely available Axminster Workshop Push Stick and make copies from ply or mdf. Unlike your fingers they are consumables and it doesn't matter if they get shortened.
HSE regs are very slack on this and American youtubers are insane risk takers, so ignore them both.
I agree about the Americans who post on YouTube. I was tempted to remove the guard on my table saw in order to trench as they do, but I cured myself of that madness.
I agree , now that would make sense totally, that is no normal blade guard. I'm assuming the bar in the middle some how clamps to the front of the saw to stop the Crown from moving out of position.

That is one serious piece of kit.....