Table saws, full sheets & wide pieces

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I'm currently watching another Peter from the New Brit Workshop who builds and explains how to create a MFT table. I believe the steel ruler is around £200 + a sheet of MDF plus another £50 for bench dogs will give you a solid, always square and flat table: link is here to youtube.
You shouldn't get burning from a track saw... have you replaced the blade? Saxton are very cheap but surprisingly good quality... I have an Evolution table saw, and frankly I wouldn't dream of trying to wangle a full sheet through it. It's unsafe, because it is so unstable. If you REALLY want a table saw (and not a panel saw, which is massive), then look at building it into a larger surface so you have more stability in front, at the side and behind the sheet.

Personally, I'd use my track saw every day for sheet goods, even if that's just to get 'close' to final size and trim it on the table saw if needed - but really, if you set up the track saw, there's no reason it's not perfectly accurate. I have a set of Evolution 2800 tracks (2x 1400mm tracks, so I can cut 'across' a sheet without a join, and a full length cut with only one joint...)
LOL yep that’s the one , my bad
The stands I use have both the roller and ball bearing option. One simply flips the top of the stand to alternate between the two. The roller is good for cutting long lengths and the ball bearing option for sheet materials.