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For Sale FOR SALE - NEW Axminster Extractor AW153E


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5 Oct 2014
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Sunny Glasgow
It's just too big, takes up too much floor space and I need to sigh, let this go and buy something smaller
I got it new, and then opted to buy the filter drum, so the entire package would normally cost you £580.
PRICE £400 Which is a pretty good damn saving.
So its new, unused, not even had a bag fitted to it, though I have switched it on the once to check it actually works :lol:
Take the filter drum off it will likely fit into a hatchback with the seats down.
All the bits are there, the original top bag filter, plastic sack, straps,instruction booklet etc.

Pick Up Only from Glasgow. Cash on pick up only.

Basically its this.
https://www.axminstertools.com/axminster-workshop-aw153e-dust-extractor-230v-107697With the filter drum
What I'm intending to buy as replacement is this.
https://www.axminstertools.com/axminster-professional-ap50e-dust-extractor-230v-107631This is probably better suited to my small workshop(3mx3.5m) About the same height but half the floor space.

The AP50E is smaller and cuter but be sure to check whether it will cover your needs. There are several complaints (even in my country there are several on sale, imported sbd barely usef) from people who found it to have insufficient suction.
I'l keep that in mind Brady, thanks for the info.

But I think it probably will
The only real machine its likely to be used with is a 10" P/T or reduced for sanders, routers, maybe the kapex too and its well capable there.

In my last pro workshop we only had the basic type extractor- this one(jet make) Axminster Workshop AW82E Dust Extractor - 230V
That was linked to a 15" thicknesser, and it did that job without effort, the only time it clogged was when the bag was absolutely stuffed chock full.
On that one i doubt the airflow was anything like the advertised 1000 cubic/m/hr, more like 500 or close to.

Nothing like the one im selling though. Being used to the cheaper ones i was pretty taken aback by the airflow it produces, so much so i wasnt keen on putting my hand next to the opening being so close to the high speed impeller :LOL:

Given what im used to using, and the application we used it in, im more than sure the one Im thinking of buying will do the job fine.

But thanks for the note :)
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