Derbyshire hardwood suppliers??

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4 May 2018
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Hi, ive looked through the pinned post and followed links to suppliers in my area but they all seem to be construction timber. Ive been buying hardwoods from ebay and its not the best. I have a bit of a fear of rocking up to a merchant and being laughed out when i ask for white oak or ash for furniture making! Anyone know of any good suppliers in the Derbyshire area where i can have a browse around?
There are specialists near Leek and Ashbourne. It really depends what size timber you require for projects. The east midland recycling place off Litchuch Lane might be worth a browse.
Most timber merchants have some hardwoods. Just give them a ring and ask. You won't get laughed at - they want to sell you stuff and are used to armies of amateur woodworkers knocking on their doors!
I've bought from Harlows in Derby, Lavers Sheffield, and others, even Gregory Matlock keep some stuff.
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