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5 Feb 2024
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Hello from South Yorkshire
Been enjoying browsing this forum and glad to see its very active and growing fast. Thanks for letting me in.

I'd started building up a collection of machines around 2019-20, mostly secondhand but had to get rid of most of them and vacate my workspace coming out of the pandemic. I'm currently building a workshop at home using a concrete sectional garage I picked up cheap on ebay, which I hope to line with waney-edge hardwood for warm and aesthetics (and fun!).

When I have that space, I'll be looking for ideas on tool setup, workshop layout and storage ideas. The work I want to do is building stuff from reclaimed timber and off-cuts from the local timber framing companies - so thickness planers, dust extraction, table saws, laminating press maybe. I have an old wide-belt 3 phase sander (Whites Timesaver, Glasgow) in storage which I'll probably sell as only have single phase supply at home.

- I'll be full of questions so I hope I can feed in enough 'help/input' to the group as well!

Hi and welcome to our sanatorium 🤣
You could opt for a. Phase inverter, single to 3 phase inverter.
Depending on power needed, but up to 4kw are a £2-300 for a decent one, you may not need 4kw and smaller ones available.
If the machine is decent, the inverter is probably a better option than replacing with a single phase machine.

Good look with your build.