My first workshop.

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9 Nov 2021
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Deep West Wales
Before I get it wrong, I thought I'd say hello and cast a line for some general advice and comments.

We moved house two years ago, there is a significant garden, big enough to start with a blank sheet of paper and a fresh start.

So we agreed not to disturb a couple of fruit trees and not to dominate the garden. I also stuck within permitted development rules and avoid planning.

What I've got is a 4.8m x 4.8m 'shack' as is known. Solid subfloor with a plan to insulate under a finished floor (ideas for finished surface please?)
Dwarf block walls, timber stud walls clad in wriggly tin with a box profile roof. It's got membrane and it will be insulated with PIR, (walls and ceiling).

Access is via a 1200mm opening roughly central in the front aspect. Internally, it's split laterally giving a kind of porch with storage on either side for bikes, camping kit etc.

Through a second similar door into the workshop itself, 4.6m wide and 3.6m deep (internal).
Windows are clerestory style above the second door.

Scratching my head a bit with regards to layout inside. I want cupboards under benches to keep the dust from getting where it shouldn't.

I've a pedestal drill, freestanding band saw, grinder, 300mm disc sanding machine, belt sander and vice.

What do I need? How should I configure it?

Thanks in advance.

'Welcome to the real world Neo', first post since joining 2yrs ago :) I had to look up clearstory windows, every day is a schoolday!

Some of my workshop learnings
- put big machines on wheels, they are never in the right place
- think about any extra machines you may want from the outset and leave space
- think about wood storage if you are going to be doing woodwork. I personally like it up off the floor
- labelled containers for keeping relevant stuff together, even if in cupboards.
- have space to flip or rotate a full sheet of 2.4x1.2 if you use such (my 2.8m width makes it a nightmare)
- I've fallen in love with the leg vice, but any flush mounted vice for work holding is essential.
- decent insulation made such a difference to workshop useability in winter, it was three years after building my workshop that I insulated and wished i'd done it as the first job.