Daylight saving time?

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It was the winters of 1968, '69 & '70 that we stayed on BST, my first 3 years at secondary school. I remember all school children in Northern Ireland were issued with reflective armbands as we ended up going to school in the dark - sunrise is roughly 30mins later than GB.
I remember that, third fourth and fifth year. I left for school at 7.45am in the dark.
I used to work 12 hour shifts, rotating 4 days on 4 off - working day AND night shifts. Some shifts became 13 hours... some 11 because of the time change. Never been able to accept the reason for the change and can not see why the hour can't be split to 30 minutes and kept that way.

There are health reasons for stopping the ludicrous twice year time change.
Well, another jump to earlier nights again.

Do we still need this change in time? It neither saves daylight nor improves the working day, just shifts our clocks, length of daylight and darkness doesn't change, just the hour we measure it by.

Do we still need it? Should we abandon it?
Personally I think it's time to abandon it, what do you think?
Yes I agree it’s time to stop this nonsense. I think they should move the clocks forward 1/2 hour in spring and then leave it like that! 😂 what difference would it really make?
The only problem with spliting the difference, is that time zone changes are all in hour increments, (a couple countries aren't I think, and are 1/2 out)
Just put the hour on next spring for the final time and leave it at that, call it GBT and be done with it.
I remember the BST experiment quite well. I thought it was much better.

I also remember some of the reports in the papers following the commons vote to abandon it.
The statistics showed more children were injured or killed on the roads in the morning durning the experiment. The fact that fewer children were injured or killed in the afternoon with overall result of fewer children being injured or killed was not reported until after the vote.
There was a rumour passing around the Commons on the morning of the vote hat there had been a bad coach crash in Scotland and many children had been killed, the rumour was false.
There's a building site back of my place, since the clocks changed, they've start work an hour earlier. (Until the mornings get darker again) Not much noise, apart from the crane driver working backwards! (--to c-mas[ apologies to Spike] ;) )