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4 Aug 2011
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I have made a pair of French doors to an existing pattern, they have very slim stiles. I was going to fit a pair of cremone bolts/ surface mount espagnolette like these. Antique Brass Espagnolette Cremone Door Bolt 127-AB

However I have made a little test block and discovered that the handle will not allow the leaves to pass ( they open out )

A lever handle one would work but I cant find them the right colour (at a reasonable price) I know I can get the Frank Allert ones made to however I want but the price is high and the wait is long.

I was vaguely remembering a door I saw which had a handle similar to the handles on shipping containers where the handle was twisted to lock the rod in a keep, does anyone know the name of those type of handle, I was thinking they might work if I could find any.

The doors are rebated and the total width of the stiles is 75mm or so but that only leaves a "flat" of about 45mm to mount any handle. I dont want to put a mortice lock and no outside handle is required. So surface mount is really the ideal. The doors I copied had a simple iron hook latch on the centre which was not good as it didn`t hold the door in top and bottom. Hence why I wanted to use the full length espagnolettes.

Any suggestions welcome.

This is the sort of think but it needs to be antique brass ideally. It's pretty wide as well .
I like the way they say it will patina over time, surely they mean rust.