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For Sale Workshop Clearout Part 1


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10 Jul 2011
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Essex UK
So I'm having quite a large clearout in my studio and workshop and this is the first lot I've cobbled together from my workshop. I am happy to combine postage on several bits if need be so have added the weights next to the items so I can keep track of pricing for combined shipping etc.

The following items in the photos below are:

100mm dust extraction pipe coupler for flexible pipe. This has a slight saw cut in that hasn't penetrated the inside, has a few paint splatters too so £1.50 for that (weight 200g)

Trammels, main body of each point is brass with steel points. No makers mark. Steel bar is 45cm in length £ 5.00 (weight 300g)
As the trammels length are on the threshold between small and medium parcel postage.

Pair of Vee Block clamps has PGW stamped on each one. One is seized and could do with a good de-rusting. Approximately 29mm between the jaws at the bottom. £2.00 for the pair (400g total weight)

Drilling vee block. Solid steel and probably shop made and is 3" wide across the top and the vee is 1" deep. Total height is 1 3/4". £3.00 (weight 500g)

Pair of mortice (I think - one has a plate that provides slightly so possibly not?) cabinet locks with keys. Fully working but both are missing their striker plates. Both are for a mortice approximately 7cm high and 4cm wide. £2.00 for the pair (300g weight)

SOLD Lignum vitae bowl 400g in weight and measures 86mm in diameter at its widest point -£4.00

Marples and Sons 1 1/2" firmer chisel. The handle could do with a bit of tlc. Quite a beast of a chisel! £4.50 (500g in weight)

So postage would be anything up to 2kg £3.50 for 2nd class standard
Over 2kg would be £7.00. Please bare in mind I have to add additional weight for packaging so please use this as a rough guide.

Again as the trammels are 45cm in length then postage would be £5.50 for a medium parcel but you have up to 2kg in weight if there were other items you wanted.

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Lignum vitae bowl 400g in weight and measures 86mm in diameter at its widest point -£4.00

If still available - I would happily buy this...
Will PM you...