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22 Oct 2003
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Up the proverbial creek
As previously trailed, one competition coming up. Make like Santa and check everything twice before you ask questions, if you would :D I know it's long, but there's a lot of ground to cover...

The theme is STORAGE. No elaboration on that; take it where you will, odds are it'll be submissable. If you're not sure if your idea will count, send Newbie_Neil a pm.

But it wouldn't be a UK Workshop comp without a caveat. Somewhere in your entry we want to see a curve. Might be anything from the profile of a stretcher to the whole surface, don't care. Unless you're a turner, in which case one flat surface somewhere, please. :p Not sure if you're curvaceous enough? PM Newbie_Neil

And of course we want Work In Progress Reports and Pictures. No limit on how many, but at least one. Ideally it'd be nice to see WIP before you've safely finished your entry, so we can all live on the edge along with you... Clearly state COMPETITION in capital letters in the subject line of your submission, please.

Materials can include anything you jolly well like, but predominantly wood products makes most sense, given the general trend of the forum. :wink:

Machinery, power tools and hand tools are all allowed. I found demonstrating the pressing need I had for the prize worked well, fwiw... :whistle: Turners, scrollers, carvers and other specialists are all encouraged to enter, in the hopes that the theme is all encompasssing enough to allow them sufficient scope.

Any member with 50 posts or more may enter. Fear not, you can get up to 50 posts easily within 12 weeks if you join in enough :) Any winner outside the UK may be asked to contribute towards shipping costs as well as being responsible for any customs charges and taxes.

Professional woodworkers should restrict their entry to a project outside their paid work, please.

Don't be afraid to enter just because you think you're not "good enough". Give the judges some credit for intelligence and trust your enthusiasm, ideas and talent will shine through. Judges will be urged to take into account the skill level of the entrants and ideas will have weight as well as execution. If you're a newbie without any previous project pics posted I suggest you remedy that if you plan to enter, otherwise we'll have to err on the side of assuming you have more experience than perhaps you have.

If you're digitally challenged, or conversely have a scanner and would be willing to help, please PM Newbie_Neil and we'll try and link up Picture Buddies so you can get your pics into useable format.

A panel of judges, who'll remain anonymous until the end and don't include me, will vote and 50% of the points awarded accordingly. Then the membership will also be asked to vote for their favourite to decide the remaining 50%. Final detail on this will be explained nearer the time, once we've made it up...

Only one entry per person!

The start date is NOW, and the closing date for entries is midnight on Friday 31st March. There will be No Exceptions.

So you're probably wondering whether it's worth entering? What's the prize? Well it depends how many eager entrants we get. Just a handful, and it'll be only one of the following. The more of you who compete, the greater the number of these fabulous prizes up for grabs.

"The Workbench" by Lon Schleining
A totally unused, as new, book of Workbench Drool Material!

Veritas Scrub Plane, Veritas Large Shoulder Plane with additional brass knobs and Veritas Router Plane

And yes, those very planes as seen in the reviews. Have a celebrity in your workshop! :wink: But please don't labour under the misapprehension that any prizes not awarded this time round will be offered up again in another competition. Apathy will not improve your chances of winning next time - this is a one-time only offer. No way will we be able to make this noble sacrifice a second time... So don't delay, start your entry today!

All of the above is open to revision if, or more likely when I realise I've forgotten something. Any queries at all, please drop a PM to Newbie_Neil .

Good luck!


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27 Jul 2003
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Nottingham, England
Hi all

If you have any queries about the competition, please send me a pm as I have taken over the organisation from Alf.


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