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BradNaylor":7up7pdad said:
Ironballs":7up7pdad said:
Nah, wouldn't worry about it, Doc and Brad are fairly forthright in their views but both are good chaps. Well, mostly.... :wink:

You mean I am and he isn't?


I speak openly and honestly, I welcome all newcomers with open arms and a big hug, but, I am a cantankerous sod and speak my mind.
I like to think of this forum as a gentlemans club, with bouncers on the door to stop any riff raff getting in, they do an excellent job and threw me out on my buttocks a while back, however they left the back door open and I sneaked back in (with a mate) :lol:
I know from working in Commercial workshops, it's never easy, not to fall into the trap.. very nice other wise.. Oh, Whot NO lathe.. Laughing Laughing... David....

Doc.. Looking through the posting. I forgot the whole reason for it. The insite to what is a wonderfully set up workshop.. And a moment of error.. I am so sorry, should I have up set you.. :oops:... Judge not, less you are Judged... David
Just for the record, I had an HSE surprise check yesterday, picked at random I hope :shock: The guy inspected my machinery, extraction, spray booth and record keeping, in all it took about an hour.

Conclusion, no HSE work needs to be undertaken, I run a very safe workshop.

I thank you :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
A legit question (i.e. not a slight on your H&S record intended or implied) but that dust extraction system... Does it filter >0.5 micron? Also, is it the sole method of dust protection or do you use other methods?

Genuinely curious.
lurker":1b8tmlrx said:
Sorry folks - I'm not at all impressed - its just a place of work where you have to get stuff done to upkeep the equipment, make profit & put bread on the table.

Not what woodwork is about for me. The idea of having to earn a living from it (laughable in my case) would ruin it for me.

Don't get me wrong I admire Doc & the rest, but I don't envy them.

I know what you mean - I was breifly forced into becoming a "proffesional" turner/carver (plus running a buisness assmebling flatpack for the clueless) by the 2001 foot and mouth epidemic

( I was a countryside contractor at the time and we got booted off about 99% of our clients sites more or less overnight) and I hated it it took all the fun out of what had previously been an enjoyable hobby (the turning & carving - not assembling flatpack for idiots).

Once the epidemic was over and i was reemployed (by then as an events ranger) it was over a year before i touched my gouges/lathe again.

I like making things out of wood and I'm happy to earn a bit of extra folding by doing the occasional craft fair but I have no ambition to ever again do it on a proffesional basis.

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