Workshop space to rent out in east sussex.

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23 Jan 2012
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Wood workshop bench space and shared woodworking machinery to rent.

The waney edge workshop is in a secure yard in an old brewery in the old village area of portslade.

We have been established nearly 10 years making cabinetry and furniture for clients for commission.

There are 3 other furniture makers in the workshop all with their own space working for their own clients. There is a healthy and relaxed atmosphere , with the sharing of information and time to give eachother a lift or a hand for a glue up . it works well. It's usual for at least one person to be out fitting or designing or quoting so there is always plenty of access to the machines.

The space for let is a large, corner space near the floor mounted tools, 11 foot by 11 foot but triangular shaped. The last occupant was a joiner making sash windows and the odd stair case.

The shared tools available are :

3 metre sliding carriage panel saw with 3 blades and 45 degree tilt.

SCM thickness planer

SCM large bandsaw with rip / resaw blade

Electra beckum bandsaw for scroll work

Full 3 bag extraction to every tool

DeWalt cross cut saw , mitre and bevel

Pillar drill with morticer attachment

Bobbin sander

Table mounted disc sander

Tormeck blade sharpener

Fine particle extraction

8x4 foot vacuum lamination bag

Sharp mitre trimmer

Large , adjustable panel clamps

a lathe

and a steam bending box.

And of course the all important workshop broom and brushes and dustpans.

We would expect you to have your own hand and power tools.

The space comes with individual Panel storage , an over head shelf small shelving unit and toolboard and the possibility of a loan of a basic bench until you make your own. however, we would hope you already have your own bench.

We are looking for someone already experienced, who has workshop knowledge and is fairly established as a joiner , furniture or cabinet maker or restorer . Someone who is already trading or has training and is competent , safe and comfortable in a woodworking workshop.

We understand that some usage of MDF is necessary for templates, jigs etc but I do try to keep MDF usage to a minimum for the sake of everyone's health and for a cleaner workshop and environment.

There is a kitchen and dining area within the workshop so you can get away from the noise to eat or design or just have a cuppa.

There is also an outdoor area in the yard if you prefer to have lunch outside.

The rent is 450 a month in advance ,standing order only , which includes all bills , tool maintenance and consumables. So no hidden costs , subject to one month's rent deposit.

Oh and the radio is tuned to radio 6.

Any questions just phone Avery on 07983508002.
Ha! I used to live in Portslade when i was a kid! Right next to the golf course and what was then the new bypass 😄
Not far away at all. Things have changed but probably not the workshop. It was part of the old brewery in the main street old village. The brewery itself is now apartments of course. They kept the building original though so not a bad job.. The brewery is 1790?

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